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April 18 Newsletter: GAY4PAY…Who Are the Straight Men of


The gay Easter Bunny brings a basket of straight men to this week’s newsletter. What does it mean to be a “straight” rentboy? The answer to that question is between consenting adults…we’ll never tell!

In a fascinating new Hook-Online interview, former gay-for-pay escort Eric Barry says, “It’s incredible how much my experiences with men informed my relationships with women. Men tend to be much more sexually aggressive and in turn adventurous. I didn’t even know you COULD lick an asshole, let alone how great it felt. When I’d return to the bedroom with women, I’d pull out many tricks I learned from clients, and the feedback I’d get seemed to say I was doing something right….” Read the full interview and see featured straight escorts below. Money can’t buy you love, but it can teach a straight man about rimming…

Also, be sure to check out today’s interview with sex activist Hawk Kinkaid—he’s the new C.O.O (Chief Operating Officer) of He says, “We [male escorts] are in the business of pleasure like every other entertainer out there. It’s about your contact with the audience, the fun you can have and the meaningful interaction.” launched a new look and functionality for desktop and mobile this week, go to and tell us what you think

Gay4Pay: Who are the Straight Rentboys?

MARCUS BLUE in New Orleans


ALAIN in Philadelphia

JACQUES in Ft.Lauderdale



ARMANI in New York

DAVID in Miami


IVAN in Toronto, Canada

IGGIE in Paris, France

RODRIGO in São Paulo, Brazil 


imageComic ERIC BARRY talks about going GAY-FOR-PAY


Thursday, May 1 (NYC): 
RENT-University presents Screening and Phone Etiquette 101

Meet HAWK KINKAID, Sex Activist and New Chief of…

WATCH: “Gay Pimp” Jonny McGovern’s WHOA, DUDE! epsiode HOOKERS & PORNSTARS presents RBCAMS.COM Chat right now live on camera…

TONIGHT: Watch “” on HBO’s New Gay Series LOOKING, featuring TJ Linnard as escort “CJ”


Looking,” the new HBO series from collaborators Michael Lannan and Andrew Haigh that premiered this month, has plenty of sex to keep everyone tuning in each week. It even has a male escort character and  ”" subplot that begins in Episode 3 and continues on Feb 9th with Episode 4: Looking for $220 an hour. The actor TJ Linnard plays CJ, an escort with an ad on who becomes involved with the main character Agustin. Episode 4 was partly shot in the booth at the Folsom street festival with real-life rentboys Austin Wolf and Tyler Wolf. Check out the photos below. 

The writer/director of Looking, Andrew Haigh, has a long-time interest in rentboys… His first feature film was Greek Pete, A Year in the Life of a Rentboy (2009) about the rentboy London Boy Pete, winner of The International Escort Awards back in 2008.

Check out the Looking  rentboy episode synopses below:

Looking season 1, episode 3 “Looking at Your Browser History” airing Saturday, February 1 AND Sunday, February 2: “Agustín (Frankie J. Alvarez) is fired by Stina (Ann Magnuson) after opining that her chair sculpture is lame, but his outlook on art and life gets a lift when he meets CJ (TJ Linnard), a sex worker.”


Looking season 1, episode 4 “Looking for $220/Hour” airing Sunday, February 9: “Taking a break from working in the office on a Sunday, Patrick and Kevin connect while chatting about relationships, but are interrupted by a call from Kevin’s boyfriend. Later, Agustín, Doris and Dom’s coworker Hugo (Ptolemy Slocum) take in the leather-filled sights of the Folsom Street Fair, and convince Patrick to join them. Dom asks Lynn (Scott Bakula) to lunch, but it’s not clear whether it’s for a date or to talk business. Agustín finds CJ at the Fair’s booth and considers “hiring” him for an art project.”


Actor TJ Linnard plays CJ, an escort on HBO’s Looking, seen above on set inside the rentboy.combooth at Folsom


Austin Wolf and Tyler Wolf on the set of HBO’s LOOKING





Article: The New Republic

Article: The Independent UK



Via Manhunt Daily Blog
So this weekend, I went to Hustlaball in New York. It was something! As I predicted, there were swarms and swarms of attractive men there, those who were getting paid to be there and, also, a good chunk of their admirers. Also, as I predicted, there were a lot of porn stars that I physically admire, but who I couldn’t for the life of me place, which made me feel like a jerk. Because I couldn’t exactly walk up to them like, “Hey! You’re awesome! Who are you?” Diesel Washington and JP Richards and Seth Fornea all stood out, but a lot of the time, I was just trying to ID guys by their tattoos.

Read More

Watch: HUSTLABALL LONDON GAY PRIDE 2013 video trailer

HustlaBall London 2013 tickets are now available at Get ready for the return of Hustlaball London for its 6th smash year in the U.K. Gay Pride Weekend June 29, 2013. Headlining DJs Leomeo, Tony English, Manny Ward, Tony Bruno, Chi Chi LaRue and Jodie Harsh. Presented and



We Interviewed David Leddick, creator of RENTBOY THE MUSICAL, opening in New York City, March 21st - 31st, see The cast will also appear at The Hookies Awards March 22nd, see

Q & A with David Leddick
How many shows have you written and produced so far, is this your fourth or fifth? 

Rent Boy The Musical
is the fifth show I’ve written…the others are: 
 Gilda LillyQuentin and IThe Secrets of the Chorus, and How to Be Gay.  And more are on the way as my manager really wants to musicalize “My Worst Date” which is my first novel. That is a great story about a young man’s beau who is accidentally also dating his own Mother simultaneously. Full of plot twists…it may be the first bi-sexual musical ever produced!

Is this the first musical you have put on in New York City?

We have taken the one person shows Gilda and Quentin to NYC; however this is our first attempt at a big time show with chorus boys…it’s quite exciting and terrifying at the same time. We are rehearsing only for something like 10 days and then, WHAM! the show opens!
Your career in show business began as a dancer in NYC Metropolitan Opera Company way back when…so how has gay life in New York City changed since then, for better or worse?

It’s so hard  to answer this question as it’s hard to tell gay life from real life in NYC.  It’s really just different and not necessarily better or worse. 
Is Grindr an improvement on the tearoom?

How would I know? Tearoom, really? As for Grindr they have been so supportive of our show, so I must say then that Grindr is certainly a great way to meet a date or whatever!

How did you research the material for Rentboy the Musical?

I spent an entire summer calling ads in magazines and on-line, and then having lunch with “real” rentboys.  It was a madding experience, since if I had a lunch date with an escort and then he got a booking for work—guess who got canceled!  The one thing I learned and I think you will see this in our show, is that the rentboys are really just like you and me. They go to work, they go to the grocery store, they need to do their laundry. They also want to love and be loved. 
What should people expect to see in Rentboy the Musical? Singing, plot, emotion, fantasy, dancing—what are the show’s best assets?

We have tried our best to re-create “The Hookies Awards" show….so there are, first of all, alot of good looking men on stage. It’s really an old-fashioned musical with a 21st century plot twist.


( Photo: The Cast of Rentboy the Musical)

When writing Rentboy the Musical with composer Andrew Sargent, which came first, the songs or the story (book and lyrics)?

Andrew and I have no set pattern. Sometimes I give him the lyrics and then he comes up with the tune. Other times Andrew, who is just so creative, comes up withe the tune and a suggested title of the song…and then the two of us work out the lyrics.  
Which song is the best in the show, the one that people will come away singing?

So many of the tunes have a catchy melody, I really cant say here…but for me the love song duet “All My Dreams in a Row” is really something special. When we did the first developmental run of this show in Fort Lauderdale, the show did not have a love song. When that 1st show was over, so many people came to me, Andrew, and Vincent Colonna, the show’s producer, insisting there be a big love song!  Vincent and Andrew, who live on Miami Beach, were off to the diner one weekend for an early breakfeast. Let me tell you that creativity comes at weird times…so on their way to ordering pancakes, the love song poped up in Andrew’s head. He ate his pancakes and then went home and wrote the love song “All My Dreams in a Row” in about 10 minutes!
Is the cast of Rentboy The Musical made up entirely of trained actors and singers, no pornstars or current rentboys?

I really can’t say for sure—we never asked any of them officially.  I will say that they are all great singers and hot looking men, so I see no reason why they could not work in both professions, if they wanted to.
What is the average age of the cast?

For those of you who took statistics, the mode is 24. With me in the cast too, my age would throw off the average. So lets just leave it at that, ok?
Did any of the cast have qualms about playing rentboys?

Not at all…when each actor was offered the job, we specially asked if they understood the nature of the show and what we were asking them to do. No one blinked an eye! They have all seen “Pretty Women” with Julia Roberts, so they got the message very quickly.
How much flesh can we expect to see in Rentboy the Musical?

You’ll have to buy a ticket and see for yourself!
Rentboy the Musical at Richmond Shepard Theater, 309 E 26th St (@ Second Ave), Mar 21–31, Thus, Fris at 8pm, Sats at 2pm and 8pm, and Suns at 2pm; $35 general admission/$75 VIP. Visit for more info. 
The cast will also appear at The Hookies Awards March 22nd, see

2013 Hookies Awards: Best Daddy Nominees - Interview w/ Charlie Harding


2013 Best Daddy Nominees:

Charlie Hardin | Atlanta

Where do you currently live?
I’m currently based in Atlanta, Georgia with my fiance, Scotty Rage. I travel extensively and am always planning a visit to some new city!

Where are you originally from?
I grew up in East Tennessee (hence my southern, redneck charm), and have lived up and down the East Coast and Europe.

Why did you choose to become an escort?
I have great fans of my movies as an adult film star, and was excited to give those guys a chance to meet me, and help fulfill some of their fantasies.

What was the most outlandish request or experience you’ve had while escorting?
To be honest, I haven’t had anything very outlandish or crazy. The guys I chat with have all been super enthusiastic and respectful… as they should be to their DADDY!


What are you looking forward to the most in the weeks leading up to The Hookies Awards and Black Party weekend?
Well, this awards show and party have been the motivation to really kick up the workout routine and supplementation so that I can look as good as possible. I’m also going to really enjoy being back in New York City, as I try to get there at least once a month. I also can’t wait to be there with my partner, Scotty Rage, and a few of our boys/pups as well as some of our very close friends.

Congratulations on your engagement to the equally WOOFY Scotty Rage! What does the future hold for y’all as husbands in the porn industry? Can we be expecting an amateur honeymoon shoot?
Haha, well Scotty actually hasn’t shot a scene… ever! He’s been having a blast working on his art and fetish modelling, but is considering making the leap over to do a scene or two. I think it would be exciting to shoot with him, and so we may make that a reality soon!

Moving forward, we have some exciting things on the horizon. I just signed a deal with an EBook publisher to launch a full line of gay erotica, some that I will write myself and other stories and books that I hand pick to be part of the series.

Scotty and I are also launching multiple travelling, and Atlanta-based, club events. We have “Charlie Harding and Scotty Rage presents COCKTAIL!” which we launched in Lafayette, LA at Bolt Nightclub, and have “SEXY BANG BANG” launching in Atlanta in April. Both are very sexually-charged parties with drinks, hot guys, and a little fun in the back room, with great DJs!

I’ve also started recording music! My first release will be on April 16th and is a duet with Atlanta local, Dylan Michael. I go back in the studio in march to record my solo debut “Sex on the Dance Floor” which will also drop very soon!

Speaking of hubbies, do you have any pet names you like to call each other?
We call each other Daddy and Papa, with Scotty as Papa. Those nicknames originated with our fuck buddies and boys. Scotty also calls me Honey Bear, and I call him Sweetheart all the time. We also have a concept behind our relationship that is represented by a sailboat: he’s the boat keeping us afloat and on course, and I’m the wind that pushes us forward.


Do you get verbal with clients and scene partners, daddy?
If you’ve seen any of my scenes, you know I talk a lot. Studios like going to me when they have extensive acting work needed and someone to lead the action. I’m very verbal, and am a big growler and grunter; I really get going when I cum - and folks always say they love my “evil laugh” as I blow.

What qualities set you apart from the other nominees? Why are you the best daddy?
"Daddy" is a title that can be expressed many different ways. I’m 38 years old, which is a bit younger than what a lot of guys picture as a Daddy, but I see it as an expression of personality, sexual role, and aura. I’m a Taurus through and through: stubborn, aggressive, protective, and genuinely loyal to my family, friends, and boys. I’m always the one in charge. My personality is super energetic and dominant, and people listen to me when I speak. When I say jump, you better jump!

Everyone loves a sexy man with great ink! Can you tell us a little bit about your tattoos and their significance?
Most of my tattoos are based off of science fiction television shows, crop circles, and star charts. The re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series is my favorite of all time, with my back tattoo based on symbols from that show. My chest and forearm tattoos are based off of the show Caprica, crop circles, and a few star charts. I love to read and watch SciFi movies and television shows, and enjoy celebrating that with my ink!



Vote for the Best Daddy and other categories at - your votes help select the winners so click on your favorite in each category and scroll to the bottom of the page to cast your votes!


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