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How to Dress Like a Grown-Ass Man.  

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Yeah, we know it’s a buzzfeed video.  But there’s some really solid advice up there about how to show off what god (or the gym) gave ya.  And if you’re getting more higher profile clients, showing them that you know how to present yourself speaks volumes about their good choice in hiring you ;) 

Financial Institutions Discriminate Against Clients on the Basis of ‘Moral Issues’ (via Tales of a Rentboy)


DailyMail writer James Daniel first reported on banks refusing bank accounts and loans to porn performers with ‘moral issues’ as the grounds for termination last summer1 In the article, adult film actress Chanel Preston reported to have tried to open a business account with City National Bank in Los Angeles, only to have it shut down days later due to ‘compliance issues’. The manager who originally assisted her in opening the account noted that the bank was worried about the explicit content on her website and decided to close the account.

Similarly Marc Greenberg, founder of porn studio MRG Entertainment, filed a lawsuit against JPMorgan Chase in the Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging the bank violated fair lending laws and its own policy for refusing to underwrite a loan for ‘moral reasons’. JPMorgan Chase’s Vice-President responded by citing Greenberg’s former source of income and ownership of a television production company that produced programs dealing with the subject of human sexuality was reason enough to refuse his loan application.

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ASK DOMINICK: Male Escort Advice Column #24: TAKING IT ON THE ROAD - The Escort Tour


ASK DOMINICK: Male Escort Advice Column #24: TAKING IT ON THE ROAD

Former kept boy and retired full-time escort“Dominick” transitioned into a successful career in commercial real estate, where the art of the sell is supreme. He’s appeared in various forums, bringing true accounts of his experiences to light. Two of his stories are included in the latest volume of Prose & Lore.

This month, he’s appearing live on stage at Joe’s Pub for the Red Umbrella Diaries Gala on November 14th. The show’s sold out, but look for news of the feature documentary Red Umbrella Diaries. (’s own Jeffrey Davids is an Associate Producer— many thanks Jeff!) Dominick’s illustrated chapbook, Dominick Reading for Filth is now available on CreateSpace. There’s a launch party for the book at the Bureau of General Service—Queer Division on November 23rd.  

This question is from Clark Rogers (above) in Chicago:

QUESTION: Any advice for an escort about going on tour?

I touched on some common sense travel guidelines in my earlier post Time, Money, Motion, but let’s go over some specific tips about touring. Many escorts are able to travel away from their home base and spend lucrative weekends lining up appointments in other cities. One big challenge is to make sure your travel, hotel and incidental expenses don’t eat up all your profit! Let’s look at how this can work:

1. Base a tour around a set booking

I was based in New York, the country’s single biggest marketplace, so I didn’t need to travel beyond the tri-state area all that much. My colleagues who did tour would often organize a tour around a solid, regular booking, usually an overnight. So say you book a travel overnight to another city with someone you already know. It’s a great opportunity to announce that you’ll be in that town for a few days and line up additional appointments. You might make additional stops along the way home. You may want to let your regular know that this is your intent, depending on your level of disclosure with him.

2. Buddy up

I’ve known escort buddies to travel together, sharing expenses along the way. You can keep each other company and look out for each other. Your hotel bill is often the biggest expense, and you can cut it in half, assuming you’re different enough types that you’re not chasing the same business! If you’re sharing a hotel room, you’ll have to work around each other’s schedules.  

3. Plan your travel in advance

Whether travelling by plane, train or bus, you can usually count on lower costs with at least 21 days advance booking. Look into travel logistics too, like getting to and from the airport, and available public transit. Incidental travel can add up fast and often winds up being a hidden cost. Look for deals and discounts in hotels, too– or you might consider a hosting site like AirBnB, or gay-friendly MisterBnB. You can potentially save money over hotels, if you’re planning on doing outcalls only.

4. Know your destination

Washington, DC is one of the most common destinations for touring escorts. It’s fairly underserved: currently there are 45 escorts listed on living in DC (the rest are visiting). That’s pretty low considering 5.7 million people live in the greater metro area- compare that to 88 resident escorts in Miami, with a similar population. Weekend rates at DC hotels are fairly low; there’s usually more demand on weekdays. Keep in mind that DC virtually shuts down in August, when Congress is in recess. So it’s good to know about specific market conditions in the place you’re visiting.

5. Ask your hotel calls

Maybe you’ve got an upcoming call with an out-of-towner visiting your hometown. He’s staying in a hotel, you meet him there, and the call goes really well. Ask him if he might want to see you again in his hometown- this may be the booking you can plan a future tour around.

6. Hop on a Bike!

Who needs taxis? In many cities across the US, there are bike-sharing programs in place, and more on the way. You can sign up for a day or a week and bike to your calls. Currently there are large bike-sharing networks in New York, Washington, DC, Minneapolis, Boston, San Antonio, San Francisco, and Denver, in addition to Divvy, in your hometown. What better way to arrive to your call than with that athletic glow and worked-out glutes?


Submit your questions about health, finance, fetishes, Internet, legal issues, and relationships— or anything else— to

 If you have a profile onRentboy.comandAsk Dominickfeatures your question, you’ll get a free one month classic ad or upgrade! You DON’T have to be identified to have your question selected. If you want to ask anonymously, only your first initial and location will appear. Or, if you prefer, you’ll be identified by first name and linked to your page. This column is a public forum for exchanging ideas; opinions and advice expressed here are not officially or legally endorsed by Please post your comments below!     

"READING FOR FILTH" by Ask Dominick (Rentboy Advice Columnist) Now Available in Paperback!

DOMINICK READING FOR FILTH by Ask Dominick (Rentboy Advice Columnist) Now Available in Paperback!

Cover Art by Gio Black Peter

Authored by Ask Dominick the Escort Advice Columnist Illustrated by Scott Hug, Paul Gellman,  Carlo Uranus, Damani Moyd,  Miguel Libarnes,  Alice O’Malley, Edited Dale Corvino

An illustrated chapbook and collection of transcripts from staged public readings performed by Dominick, a former kept boy and escort. The readings took place in New York City beginning in 2007 at the now-defunct Rapture Café. His appearances were part of the weekly series “Dean Johnson’s Reading for Filth: Queer Writers Reading about Sex” with contributors Edmund White, Eileen Myles, Craig Seymour, and Mike Albo.

The readings are tales from the life, drawn from the diaries Dominick kept when he embarked on a career as a full-time escort, serving the greater NYC metro area. Also included: a reminiscence of his kept boy existence with his Sugar Daddy, the late English society decorator Stuart Greet; and his tribute, on the occasion of his untimely death, to downtown legend and queercore rocker Dean Johnson, the founder of the series. The readings are lurid and frank confessions of a sexual outlaw, and trace a heat map of desire through the vast field of longing that is New York City.

You can buy your copy of the book HERE (

ASK DOMINICK: Male Escort Advice Column #23, Interview with Brandon Aguilar


ASK DOMINICK: Male Escort Advice Column #23, Interview with Brandon Aguilar

BRANDON AGUILAR ( is a former porn actor, escort and writer. He and I attended the Red Umbrella Project’s writing workshop and both have pieces in the second volume of RedUP’s Prose & Lore, which launched last week to positive reviews. Brandon grew up in Kansas City, MO and has an MFA in painting from the Art Institute of Chicago.

He appeared in a number of gay porn titles, such as “Closed Set: Oral Report,” directed by Joe Gage and “Christian’s 24 Cocks in 24 Hours” by Treasure Island Media. He lives in Brooklyn. Dominick, Brandon, and burlesque performer Essence Revealed will be reading their stories at the Bureau of General Services- Queer Division, on July 23rd at 7 PM.


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Gay Porn: Why Did I Survive?


Actor, designer, and writer Frankie Valenti - more widely known as JOHNNY HAZZARD ( - is a former porn star who sheds a bit of light on the porn industry, his life in and out of the business, and valuable advice to newcomers in his Huffington Post article.

Does too much sex kill? Well, not directly, but the rash of deaths within the gay porn world seems to suggest otherwise. Some were health-related, while others were undisputedly self-inflicted. But sadly, they are gone. They were big players in the scene, and they were my friends. Being a recognizable face in this industry, many have asked me, “Johnny, how did they die?” or, “Johnny, what’s going on in that world of yours?” Then, most recently, writer and friend Brett Edward Stout asked me, “Johnny, how did you survive?” I was speechless. I had no answer.

How did I survive? We all faced the same challenges, so why am I still here when my friends are not? Even after taking days to think about it, I still can’t totally explain why I survived. Maybe it’s because my family supported me, or maybe it’s because I made good or lucky choices.

I never wanted to be a porn star. In fact, I never even knew such a thing existed. My exposure to porn had consisted of three VHS tapes from the early ’90s that I’d watch on repeat. When I showed up for my first gig, I did it because I was bored. I wasn’t thinking about fame, fortune, or perks. I thought it’d be fun to do once or twice. Little did I know that that decision would lead to a life-changing role that forever defined the way I fit in the gay world.

Read the full article here »



HOOK ONLINE spent a few minutes interviewing escort LEGENDARY DAVE ( on his work as an escort and how he has built a business in the sex industry. His personal website is

HOOK: What’s the biggest challenge for you in today’s escort business?

Legendary Dave: I honestly don’t feel like I have a lot of challenges in my work now. I used to. One of the early ones was dealing with ‘time wasters’, the phone calls that weren’t going to amount to any appointments.

HOOK: How did you learn to deal with the time wasters?

Dave: Two-fold. I realized that if I put all my information that I wanted to share with people online, then I could direct them to the website. When people stated to ask specifics, I could say, “Have you been to my website?” If they said ‘No’, then I would talk it up and send them there. Most people, if they are serious, are willing to look at a website. If they are highly discrete, they can’t. By putting my information out there, I could direct most people to that.

I also got better at discerning whether someone was jerking their dick while talking to me, or if they were serious about setting up an appointment. I have a low tolerance for bullshit. I have no qualms to tell someone that I’m not going to entertain certain questions. If they’re just getting info on me, they’ll ask questions about what I look like. If they’re not really serious about getting together, they start asking multiple questions about my dick or my ass. At that point I’ll be like, “Enough.”


HOOK: What’s the one thing that keeps you in top form with your work?

Dave: I think I would break it down into a couple things, actually. Physically, what keeps me in form is what I eat. I watch what I eat. I look at a lot of guys my age, and they are out of shape. They don’t care what they put in their mouth. So that’s one thing. I also exercise regularly, although I’m not a gym rat. And I don’t use steroids, either. Maybe, I am just lucky with my genes. I can give a fair nod to watching what I eat and exercising, and somehow I’m able to stay in shape.

Mentally, it comes down to having a real sense of perspective. For example: Of course, I want to have clients. But I don’t want a client who’s going to disrespect me. I have enough self-esteem (which I think every escort needs to be truly successful) to be able to say ‘No, I am not going to deal with this.” You’ve got to come up with your own limits. You have to know what your hard limits are before you start working like this. Hopefully, you don’t have too many (laughs), but everyone should have some. On the other hand, having 5 or 8 rules is better than 28 rules. Too many and you become a less flexible person. I am pleased I am flexible and compared to many other people I seem to be quite open-minded.

When I started escorting, I didn’t have a lot of experience bottoming. I decided to learn how to be versatile. I know a lot of guys that are strictly tops, and while I think I’m a good top, I am also able to answer ‘yes’ when a client calls looking for me to bottom.

So what ultimately keeps me in top form mentally is that I never break these rules. Since day one, I have never broken them. I never feel like I have been taken advantage of. I always feel like I have been in control. It’s crazy, but even if I am tied up and blindfolded, I still feel like I have a sense of control.

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So You Think You Can Hook?


(via ELI LEWIS' Tales of a RentBoy)

I’m finding that a lot more people are open to hooking these days. My being so honest and upfront about my sextra-curricular activities definitely entices people to ask me questions regarding the world’s oldest profession, and a lot of these inquiries are on getting started as an escort. But before you log online and create an ad on there are a few things you should ask yourself.

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Tales of a RentBoy: "What's the difference between prostitution and escorting?"


You may have come across text similar to the above-pictured disclaimer when browsing through RentBoy ad pages which reminds consumers the foundation upon which escorting was built: the purchase of one’s personal time in exchange for monetary compensation. It’s easy to associate the terms escort and prostitute with one another and consider them mutually exclusive because their definitions are somewhat blurred in that gray area of uncertainty. Very much like any other profession, the difference between prostitution and escorting is the provided service. A prostitute engages in, agrees to, or offers sexual conduct for money or something of value, whereas an escort offers their time and companionship.

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Tales of a RentBoy: No, I will NOT lower my rate


“That’s a bit pricey for me. Do you offer discounted rates?” Try asking that question to your phone company, local grocery store, or landlord, and get back to me when the answer is yes. We’ve all received variations of that question before, sometimes with an explanation as to why they’re asking for or deserve a lower price. The most entertaining of which include requests from birthday boys, college students, and the self-entitled. While I love the bonus income, I’m not exactly hurting for more clients, and neither are any other escorts with whom I’ve had this conversation so it begs to ask the question, did you really think that was going to work?

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