RYAN ROSE (www.rentboy.com/RyanRose) was recently named Falcon Studios’ Man of the Year 2013 , a high accolade coveted in the gay porn industry that now belongs to Rose and Landon Conrad before him. A definite fan favorite, Ryan often tours around the country making appearances and performing in top venues and events. He’s certainly a triple threat with a great face, body, and attitude to match - he’s got what everything you’re looking for and more!


Where are you originally from and where are you currently based?
I was born and raised on the north side of Chicago, Illinois but I currently call southwest Florida my home. As for where I am based, due to the fact that I travel all over the country on a weekly basis I don’t really consider myself as having a base of operations currently.

Why did you initially choose to become a male escort?
I initially became a male escort to help start my own company and help pay for those necessary expenses.

What do you do when you’re not escorting?
When I am not escorting you can usually find me doing several things including, but not limited to, making and filming porn for Falcon Studios, training hard at the gym, go-go dancing, making appearances at clubs, bars, and other venues, chilling with friends at the beach, traveling, or shopping.


What is your favorite part about escorting.
My favorite part about escorting is befriending new and interesting people, helping them unwind after a trip or taking a load off after a long day of work, catering to their needs, and fulfilling their fantasies.

What qualities set you apart from other RentBoys?
Some of my many qualities that set me far apart from other RentBoys include my high level of education, the class and sophistication that I always carry with me, my high standards for professionalism, and my overwhelming friendliness and warmth. I also possess the ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in almost any situation which, combined with my own need to please, sets me far apart from the rest.

Why do you deserve to be the new face of RentBoy.com?
There are many reasons why I should be the new face of RentBoy. I am, for all intents and purposes, new to the industry. I was just recently named Falcon Studios’ Man of the Year, a high honor that I wear with pride. Keeping with last year’s face of RentBoy, JD Phoenix, I too am a former Sean Cody model who was more or less one of their premier power bottoms which, combined with my marine-like work ethic and thirst for perfection, would be well-suited for the high standards and quality we all come to associate and expect with RentBoy.com and their featured escorts.


Check out RYAN ROSE's RentBoy ad here (www.rentboy.com/RyanRose) and follow him on Twitter @RyanRoseXXX (www.twitter.com/RyanRoseXXX)!

~Falcon Studios’ Man of the Year 2013


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