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We’ve seen JESSY ARES ( in films like “Inside Job 3” with TRENTON DUCATI (, “Greece My Hole” with ADAM KILLIAN, “Stretch My Hole” with ROD DAILY, and has worked with several studios including Alphamale, Raging Stallion, MenAtPlay, TitanMen, and so many more. A truly prolific actor, Jessy continues to show his immense talent in each successive work and we are loving it!

Jessy will be kicking off London Pride this year by performing at HUSTLABALL London with the gorgeous MARTIN MAZZA, both of whom are nominated for Best International Artist at this year’s HotRods awards on the 28th of June at 65 Vauxhall Club in London. Jessy is a clear favorite, having been nominated in two other award categories including Best Newcomer and the QX Reader’s Choice.

He is definitely one of our favorite porn stars and escorts, and we were able to catch him for a quick interview before he left for what will undoubtedly be one of the hottest events of the year!


Is escorting a continuation of your work onstage and onscreen?
Not necessarily, it’s just another great way to make money.

How do you find the time to jump from performing, to intimate encounters with clients?
I actually don’t take on many jobs. I prefer quality over quantity, so if a potential client catches my interest I will work out a meeting with them, and it all works out very well.

I understand that porn and escort services are two different things, but how has one endeavor complimented the other?
Well, being popular as a porn actor really helps to push the demand for your escorting services.

What should a client know about you before hiring you?
I prefer, and focus mostly on, overnight or weekend/travel bookings. Discretion is offered and awaited - I should also mention that I only practice safer sex.


What differentiates you from the other RentBoys?
We are all individuals, and are all different from one another. Reasons to hire me include the fact that I am fluent in four languages and am very well-traveled, making for a great companion. I have a great attitude and am passionate about love, life, and sex.

If a client asked you to bring a partner along, who would that person be?
My first suggestion would obviously be Martin Mazza! When we are together everything works well, we are an amazing 

You are currently living in Munich, Germany, but will be in London for Gay Pride weekend. Are you available for hire then?
My travel itinerary is actually very tight, but who knows - I would certainly make an exception for the right offer.

What cities will you be visiting next?
I will be going to Berlin, Madrid, and then New York City.


We know that you are a very friendly guy, but sexually do you prefer it rough or are you more sensual?
I can get into anything from mild to wild!

We will see you onstage with Martin Mazza in London for HustlaBall, but when escorting what factors make for a great connection?
It’s certainly easier to develop a connection with someone to whom you are immediately attracted, but escorting is not always about that. As long as my client takes care of himself and makes the right offer I am able to deliver.

What are some of the highlights of your time advertising on
It was through RentBoy that I’ve had some very memorable evenings including the opera, five-star meals, and luxury hotels. I’m loving it!

Those who are unable to see you in London are on the edge of their seats waiting for you to return to Spain, when do they get to see you there?
I’ll actually be in Madrid for Pride on the 6th of July!

Be sure to check out Jessy’s RentBoy profile ( and follow him on Twitter @AresJessy for hot updates throughout London Pride weekend!


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