Tips for Escorts

How to Boost Your Ad in Easy Steps

Making your ad attractive to all the eyes scanning pages can take a long time and experience, but with this simple steps you can surely become a rock star!

1 – Updated Photos: Always make sure that you have pictures that show you in your best, but try and keep your fans up to date on your new hair cut or on that cool new tattoo. A fake or stolen photo makes ALL OF US look bad—DON’T USE FAKE PHOTOS or you will be banned from If your photos are not up-to-date, or if they don’t show off your best features, it is time to get out the camera and take some new pics.

2 – Describe Yourself! TEXT MATTERS: Be sure to fill out the text description in your rentboy advertisement. On the web, people make snap judgments all the time, if they get bored, they’ll hit Backspace, they’ll close the window, they’ll go to sleep. Get to the point! Tell them where you are, who you are, what you like, don’t like, how to reach you. Write enough to give clients a sense of your personality and what makes you unique.

3 – Use the Availability tool: If you’re online, let people know you’re online. The Availability tool (check our Help section for more details) will filter out all the guys that are busy at the moment and put you in front of the line. You can even use the Availability tool by phone. NOTE: ALL ACTIVE ADS Appear online at ALL times regardless of availabilty status.

4 –’s Events: is always promoting events and you can always have fun and network with cool people. Always check our events page and make sure you attend one of our parties.

5 – Updated Contact Information: is a social networking website, therefore you should always keep your contact information up to date. You might be old fashion and expect a phone call, but some people try to reach you on the way they are more comfortable with, so try and update your e-mail! We’re always sending out promos and letting you know about cool events for you to be involved.

A Truly Innovative Way to be Number One in New York City

New York City is one of the hottest and most competitive cities in the world and on you can see the reflection of this powerful city through the hundreds of advertisers online right now. NYC is an expensive city, but you know what? We got you covered. We developed a tool to help you be number one in the listings in The Capital of the World called Powerboost. Power boost is also effective in any major city like Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, or Miami / FTL.

Even though the Premium Service Levels are always sold out, we created a tool to place your ad among the Diamond ads, which are the most expensive listings in the country.

Powerboosts were created to help the most ambitious escorts, if you want to be seen, but you can’t grab a premium spot, you should try Powerboost and let us know the results.

With a very user friendly time table with a calendar and a clock that let you know how much time you have to get the desired hour, setting up your Powerboost is the easiest and most innovative way to make yourself Rentboy famous. This is one of the best alternatives for users that can’t get the Gold and Platinum levels in NYC, not only because you can pick and choose the hour you want, but also because you can get a FULL DAY POWERBOOST. With this, you’ll be at the top the entire day.

To get your Powerboost you have to login to your account, go to Ad Management, click on the Powerboost icon and choose the hour or day you want to be boosted. After that, you just need to check out your order and you’re good to go. Simple as that.

Let us know how the Powerboost worked for you on the comments or send us an email: support at

Buy One Advertisement, Place it Anywhere

Did you know that when you place an ad you can change its location anytime you want? You can have one ad and place it anywhere you want.

Let’s say you create an ad in Louisville, KY, but a few days after that you get bored and decide to get a tan in San Diego. The only thing you need to do is login to your account and hit Manage your Ads, use the Edit Location button and see the magic happening!

Most of the cities in the U.S. are 29.95, which is less than a dollar a day and you can place your ad anywhere you want, anytime you want.

But get this: if you pay 59.95 you can change your ad to ANY city in the U.S. and that’s not all: if you get the 59.95 membership, you get to change your ad to anywhere in North America, Central America and South America, how about that?

Paying the 29.95 membership doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t change your ad to the hottest cities, you can totally do that and pay the difference at any point in your membership and you’ll pay it prorated, which means, you’ll only pay for the time you’ll be actually using it. We got you covered.

Can’t get a sweeter deal than this.

To change your location, you gotta login, go to the Ad Management page, click on Edit Location, set the new location (if you are changing to a location with a higher price, you’ll see the amount prorated right there) and that’s that.


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