Rent University now in San Francisco! “Business Bootcamp” Class Jul 31


For the first time, RENT-U heads to San Francisco
SIGN UP now! It’s Free to Attend - Space is limited.
Thursday, July 31, 2014
"Badass Bootcamp" Web Marketing + Safety Class.
Work with a marketing expert to boost your escort brand and imagery, targeting your ideal client and fan base.

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Interview with Masseur NED JACKAROO in New York City

Every week Manworks (’s massage partner site) goes around the country and around the world to bring you an interview with one of our Masseurs so that you guys can get to know him a little bit better, and maybe get some more information about the kinds of massage that are available to you. 

This week’s Manworks Interview is with NED JACKAROO. This furry ginger lad, with his talented hands hails from Austraila and has made New York his home!


How long have you been a masseur/bodyworker? 

I started professionally about 5 years ago in Australia. But I’ve been rubbing people down my whole life.

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Rentboy Andrew Justice Held His Ground on Manhunt Daily’s ‘The Ten’

via: Manhunt Daily

We were wrong to question Andrew Justice. The gay porn DILF held his ground on The Ten, preventing former champions Todd SanfieldSaul Harris and Paddy O’Brian from reclaiming the title of “Sexiest Man of The Moment“. A measly 15 votes actually kept Paddy out of the top five, while six-week competitor Bravo Delta suffered a similar fate.

Read their entire rundown here. 

Check out Andrew’s Rentboy profile here. 

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ICYMI: It’s Almost August Somehow Edition

It’s Monday again, somehow.  And summer is slipping through our hands like sand through the hourglass.  If you were busy doing more important things than internets this weekend, here’s what you missed:

We lamented not being able to exercise our voyeuristic intentions upon abeardedboy while he does all sorts of fun stuff on his balcony overlooking Toronto. 

Australia may have found a way to make condoms even more powerful than before with an antiviral gel that could help prevent HIV, HPV, and herpes. 

Law and Order: SVU’s Christopher Meloni posted a picture of his adorable puppy that also happened to include his massive bulge… so… that was cool.

Towleroad posted an interesting look at how decriminalizing sex work could help contribute to lowering rates of new HIV infections. 

Adonis Lounge got started in Las Vegas, NV on Saturday and featured some of our favorite guys! is ready for August and planning all sorts of fun for the fall.  What are you up to this week?

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Sex Work Decrim to Help Prevent HIV? Interesting…

via towleroad

The decriminalization of sex work is among one of the most important steps needed in order to curtail the spread of HIV, according to the findings of a group of HIV researchers recently published inThe Lancet and presented at the 20th Annual International AIDS Conference. The need to focus on marginalized populations grows as mainstream populations gain increasing access to HIV-preventative measures and drugs to treat the virus, the research explains.

The longer sex work remains illegal, said The Lancet’s editor-in-chief Richard Horton, the longer those involved in the profession will generally go without seeking the same kinds of treatments necessary to ensure their sexual safety.

Read the entire piece here.  Trust us.  You should. 

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Australia’s ‘Antiviral Condom’

via @huffpostgay

A groundbreaking new condom that uses an antiviral gel as added protection against HIV, herpes and HPV may soon hit the shelves in Australia. But some experts are wary of the effectiveness of VivaGel, the lube that makes the condom so potent against viral sexually transmitted infections.

The VivaGel condom, made by pharmaceutical company Starpharma, is the only condom of its kind to incorporate the antiviral compound, asodrimer sodium, in its lubricant. Lab tests show that it can “inactivate” up to 99.9 percent of HIV, herpes (HSV) and HPV, according to the company’s press release.

Read more about it here.

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