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ANGELO (www.rentboy.com/JustAngeloNYC) is currently traveling the United States on tour and will be in New York City for the month of April! Standing at an impressive 6’4” and 231 lbs. of ripped muscle, this European hunk definitely has heads turning wherever he goes. Check out his profile now for more pictures and information!


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Rent University: Coming May 1st: Phone Etiquette & Screening Class

Ms. Donia’s Finishing School for Rentboys: Screening and Phone Etiquette 101 Skills and smarts to get better about screening your clients…find out moreimage

Rent University Class / Free to attend
(location to be sent with RSVP)
Screening and Phone Etiquette 101
May 1, 2014

NEW YORK CITY – When the phone rings, what is the first thing you feel? Dread? Excitement? An oasis of calm?

As a savvy business owner and escort, It’s important to be in the right frame of mind when interacting with your clients over the phone. As an independent contractor,your personal safety it tantamount to being able to effectively do your job.

In this class, you will go over the some basic yet effective strategies for giving good phone such as:

  • Simple and subtle techniques for putting your client at ease.
  • Visualization and anchoring exercise for ensuring you are in the right frame of mind when your phone rings
  • Developing a phone script to keep you on track
  • How to overcome objections
  • Redirection skills for when the conversation gets off track.
  • The third rule of Roadhouse
  • …And other brilliant tips and trix to turn you from a phone slob into a phone GOD.

Facilitated by Donia Christine, Business coach, educator



12:00 pm - Sat, Apr 19, 2014
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DREW SEBASTIAN (www.rentboy.com/DrewSebastian) is a San Francisco-based porn performer whose 6’3” muscular build with a shaved head and trimmed beard make him quite popular guy in town. He’s worked for studios including Hot House, Club Inferno Dungeon, Treasure Island Media, and Jake Cruise, as well as working for different ads for Mr S Leather. Check out his profile for more of his pictures!


5:16 pm - Fri, Apr 18, 2014
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April 18 Newsletter: GAY4PAY…Who Are the Straight Men of Rentboy.com?


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The gay Easter Bunny brings a basket of straight men to this week’s rentboy.com newsletter. What does it mean to be a “straight” rentboy? The answer to that question is between consenting adults…we’ll never tell!

In a fascinating new Hook-Online interview, former gay-for-pay escort Eric Barry says, “It’s incredible how much my experiences with men informed my relationships with women. Men tend to be much more sexually aggressive and in turn adventurous. I didn’t even know you COULD lick an asshole, let alone how great it felt. When I’d return to the bedroom with women, I’d pull out many tricks I learned from clients, and the feedback I’d get seemed to say I was doing something right….” Read the full interview and see featured straight escorts below. Money can’t buy you love, but it can teach a straight man about rimming…

Also, be sure to check out today’s interview with sex activist Hawk Kinkaid—he’s the new C.O.O (Chief Operating Officer) of rentboy.com. He says, “We [male escorts] are in the business of pleasure like every other entertainer out there. It’s about your contact with the audience, the fun you can have and the meaningful interaction.” 

Rentboy.com launched a new look and functionality for desktop and mobile this week, go to www.rentboy.com and tell us what you think

Gay4Pay: Who are the Straight Rentboys?

MARCUS BLUE in New Orleans


ALAIN in Philadelphia

JACQUES in Ft.Lauderdale



ARMANI in New York

DAVID in Miami


IVAN in Toronto, Canada

IGGIE in Paris, France

RODRIGO in São Paulo, Brazil 


imageComic ERIC BARRY talks about going GAY-FOR-PAY


Thursday, May 1 (NYC): 
RENT-University presents Screening and Phone Etiquette 101

Meet HAWK KINKAID, Sex Activist and New Chief of Rentboy.com…

WATCH: “Gay Pimp” Jonny McGovern’s WHOA, DUDE! epsiode HOOKERS & PORNSTARS

Rentboy.com presents RBCAMS.COM Chat right now live on camera…


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RYAN RAZ (www.rentboy.com/ryanraz) is the Rentboy of the Day in North America. He is currently traveling to New York City and will be in town from the 18th of April to the 21st before jet setting around the United States on his world tour! He’s a very sweet and passionate guy who makes for a great travel companion.


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Meet HAWK KINKAID, Rentboy.com’s New Chief Operating Officer and Sex Activist


Meet HAWK KINKAID, Rentboy.com’s new Chief Operating Officer. Hawk was one of the founders of the sex-work education community Hook-Online.com; he’s a sex activist and has had a successful career working in project management and design for major corporate brands before joining the team at rentboy.com

Q&A with HAWK KINKAID by Sean Van Sant
photo by Ileana Martini

Be honest, is Hawk your real name?
It’s what I use, and I used it long before my hair matched the name.

Does that mean you were an escort?
And bodyworker. And webcam model. And pro-dom. Many of us that worked in the industry have touched various parts of it. I was in and out of the business four times. Sometimes for necessity and sometimes just to meet a financial goal like paying off my incredible private college debt. I’m grateful my experiences in the industry have never left me unwilling to return, and more so, it helped me appreciate when it was time for me to exit the business and build a different career.

What was your career after escorting?
I started in graphic design for small companies, eventually crawling my way up via work in interactive art direction, information architecture, and project management to specialize in user experience strategy for a number of larger national brands. I love that the entirety of an experience has to take into account components such as business needs, available resources and changes in technology. My history is all about bridging all of those elements into a comprehensive solution that has an eye toward future developments. I am passionate about the road ahead.

How do you feel being the first COO for Rentboy.com?
It’s an exciting job. The team has done such a phenomenal job building the leading site for men working in the sex industry. Not just that. Rentboy’s dedication to supporting community through events that acknowledge the many dimensions of the men working in the business is so important to me. Oftentimes, men, women and trans workers in the industry are mischaracterized by the media and conservative pundits that look to gain traction in their own agendas by reducing escorts to Lifetime specials. The reality is far more complex. I believe in continuing the commitment to being an honest, straightforward and helpful media and technology tool for our guys, their clients and the families and communities that support them.

So, who is the typical escort now?
Great question with no single answer. It’s always been a diverse pool. Men working in the business range from middle-aged men with advanced degrees to many eccentric, talented artists developing their creativity. Men working in the sex industry have always been around as integral components in the fabric of queer identity. In a world enjoying the accomplishments of many LGBT leaders in the ‘60s, we often forget to mention that no small number of them were hustling to afford living in the cities that they marched in. All races. All sizes and shapes. All ages. The men working through Rentboy.com defy categorization, but they do share a few things in common. They tend to approach their work as the business that it is. They are making important decisions about their own lives. They are aware that the stigma associated to those decisions put them at risk for termination from jobs, rejection from family and other harmful reactions in spite of escorting being a legal occupational choice.

How do you see the world overcoming that stigma?
De-criminalization of prostitution is the first step. It hangs like a cartoon Acme safe over the heads of so many people. There are innumerable reports of police and other individuals in positions of power taking advantage of the very real threats of exposure and prosecution for people working in the sex industry. I don’t believe all institutions are bad, and I want to believe that what we need is to dialogue with businesses and organizations that are sexwork sensitive to establish constructive harm reduction policies that reduce real risks to the community such as sales of narcotics, sexual assault, and transmission of preventable diseases. I am inspired by the great work done by programs like the North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition where they have successfully brought police on board with overdose prevention programs by advancing the Good Samaritan laws. Working with our community, we can better the understanding of officers, collaborate to find solutions to real issues and forge a path forward together. Trafficking, for example, is real, but escorting and trafficking are not the same thing. The move to elide those two concepts have done substantial harm to the many individuals who have made careers working in the adult industry. Regardless of how you feel about the adult industry, criminalizing the behavior won’t end it and de-criminalizing sexwork dissolves the ability for the system to abuse those who are making their participation in the sex industry a responsible, mature choices for their life.

You’ve been a long-time activist for guys working in all forms of the adult industry. How do you see that affecting your approach to managing rentboy.com?
Obviously, I feel strongly about many facets of the business, and through many national and international speaking engagements, I have said time and time again that the businesses of the adult industry work best when they work responsibly. I am proud to join a team that has displayed that and continues to build on that commitment. It’s a good fit. We have much to do. And we will do it through our strong community.

Does that mean escorting is for everyone?
Definitely not. I would make a terrible barista. Or plumber. Or doctor. Like any occupation, it requires the personality, skills and knowledge capable to do this work well. My biggest achievement as an activist is building a program that facilitates men sharing information with other men choosing to work in this industry. This program helps men avoid common pitfalls that could pose serious challenges to their well-being. Guys who choose to work in this industry are making a decision, and I support that. Most of them are here temporarily, like a tourist, and they will meet whatever need they have and leave. They should. They will go on and do things like nursing, fashion design, user experience strategist, COO. The others – the ones that make it a long-term career – they know they need to plan by paying taxes, getting health insurance, building strong social networks of support. They get it. It’s a business, and they know that.

It can’t all be business, can it?
We are in the business of pleasure like every other entertainer out there. It’s about your contact with the audience, the fun you can have and the meaningful interaction. With my clients, so much of the time was spent having dinner, listening to great stories, and really connecting with that other person. Think about it. When you go to the neighborhood bar or local barber, you talk to the same guy about your life for days, weeks, and years. We make an investment in that person and their discretion. They get paid for sitting there listening to you, providing a service like pouring your drinks or cutting your hair, and being someone you trust that stays in a place just far enough away from your daily life. They don’t come home with you. You even tip them more as you get to know them better because you build a natural rapport.  Our guys are like that. Good, trustworthy and sexy contacts that you spend time with outside of the life you normally have.

You said ‘sexy’. What is sexy to you?
It’s that connection. Beautiful bodies are all well and good, and for many people they are a focus of attention. Vision dominates our sensibilities disproportionately and no matter how cerebral you want to be, you are more favorable to the more attractive candidate in a queue. Is it fair? No. Is it true? Scientists have research that says quantifiably, ‘yes’. For me, it’s not enough to be beautiful, though, and more importantly, how we appear is not all that I am, that you are and certainly not all that any escort is. I find someone sexy when I have made a connection with them, when we relate on a level that matters. I look for that.

You finally going to tell me: why the name Hawk?
Have you seen the hair? I was born for this.

Read more about Hawk:  Profiling the Work of Sex Activist Hawk Kinkaid By Melinda Chateauvert


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Attention Escorts - Is Your Ad Ready for Prime-Time at The 2014 Grabbys Porn Awards in May?


The 2014 Grabbys porn awards are coming up in Chicago on Saturday, the 24th of May! Many Rentboys are also nominated for awards this year, but how does an escort really make his advertisement shine and stand out from all the rest? Continue reading below to find out how you can make the most of your advertiser listing during the weekend’s events!


Take advantage of the placement of your ad listing by investing in premium advertisement levels. Advertisements cycle and rotate among one another every hour, so that if your advertisement is listed as the 21st ad one hour it is moved over to the 20th spot on the next. Gold and platinum ad levels push your listing to the first three pages of any city search, with platinum ads rotating on the first page every hour, and gold ads rotating on the second and third pages.


  1. Sign in to your Rentboy.com account by clicking on the ESCORTS tab, log in with your account information, and select AD MANAGEMENT in the navigation bar
  2. You can either CREATE A NEW AD or hover over one of your current advertisements and select UPGRADE AD
  3. After editing the content and pictures of your advertisement, choose the location of the ad, and select your service level (classic, gold, or platinum) and proceed to checkout to review your order and place your ad


Travel advertisements are also a great way to line up clients for a short-term visit to a city in your itinerary. These ads are priced and purchased by the day, with a 5-day minimum purchase, and can be extended daily if you find yourself staying in any city for a longer period of time.

The additional benefit to having a travel ad is that you can keep your monthly premium advertisement in your home city without losing that coveted spot on the listings.


  1. Sign in to your Rentboy.com account by clicking on the ESCORTS tab, log in with your account information, and select AD MANAGEMENT in the navigation bar
  2. You can either CREATE A NEW AD or hover over the MENU of one of your current advertisements and COPY TO NEW AD
  3. After editing the content and pictures of your advertisement, choose the location of the ad, and scroll down to MONTHLY OR TRAVEL AD, making sure to select “Travel/Daily (priced per day)”, and choosing the dates of your travel.
  4. Select your service level (classic, gold, or platinum) and proceed to checkout to review your order and place your ad


Powerboosts allow you to boost your advertisement to the top of the first page for the purchased amount of time which can be bought by the hour or a full day! This is a popular feature among Rentboy advertisers as it is available to them regardless their ad service level, allowing a classic ad to be pushed to the top of the city search listings for a finite amount of time.


  1. Sign in to your Rentboy.com account by clicking on the ESCORTS tab, log in with your account information, and select AD MANAGEMENT in the navigation bar
  2. Hover over one of your current advertisements and select POWERBOOST
  3. You can select either a full-day boost (if available) or purchase multiple hours for the current or coming days
  4. Once you’ve selected the Powerboost(s) you would like to purchase proceed to checkout to review your order and boost your advertisement

Now that you have those tools under your belt, be sure to log in to your account and start lining up your 2014 Grabbys awards weekend activities!


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JUSTIN KING (www.rentboy.com/justinking) is the Rentboy of the Day in Europe! This 27 year-old porn performer is based in West Central London and loves to meet new people and enjoy all the adventures the world has to offer. He is also a qualified personal trainer and offers his professional services to clients as well.


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