People on the Internet? They Can be Mean.

Dealing with Digital Cruelty via the New York Times

This is an excellent New York Times article about the way people respond to one another online.  We’re not sure it’s exclusive to sex work, but we’ve definitely seen some particularly nasty remarks made on other blogs and sites about everything from a performer’s height to their shoe size. Why hate on somebody who’s just trying to help get you off? 


ANYONE who has ever been online has witnessed, or been virtually walloped by, a mean comment. “If you’re going to be a blogger, if you’re going to tweet stuff, you better develop a tough skin,” said John Suler, a professor of psychology at Rider University who specializes in what he refers to as cyber psychology. Some 69 percent of adult social media users said they “have seen people being mean and cruel to others on social network sites,” according to a 2011 report from the Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project.

Posts run the gamut from barbs to sadistic antics by trolls who intentionally strive to distress or provoke. Last week, Zelda Williams, the daughter of Robin Williams, said she was going off Twitter, possibly for good, after brutal tweets by trolls about her father’s death. Yet comments do not even have to be that malevolent to be hurtful. The author Anne Rice signed a petition a few months ago asking to ban anonymous reviews after experiencing “personal insults and harassing posts,” as she put it on the site of the petition, Whether you’re a celebrity author or a mom with a décor blog, you’re fair game. Anyone with a Twitter account and a mean streak can try to parachute into your psyche.

You should read the entire piece here.  It’s really worth your time. 

And don’t say mean stuff about the guys who are just trying to share their dicks with you. That’s just silly and hateful. 

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ICYMI: Feels Like Autumn Edition

Can you even believe this weather we’re having? It was another totally beautiful weekend in New York, and we spent some quality time away from the screen.  If you had better stuff than computering going on, here’s some things you might have missed:

HustlaBall 2014 tickets went on sale and are going FAST already. Check out the concept art.  Sin = In. 

JD Phoenix moved to LA and gave us this pretty great interview about what he’s got going on right now.  

We also released this teaser clip for HustlaBall, in case you hadn’t made up your mind yet.  This’ll do it. 

Easily our favorite thing of the weekend was discovering this video from of Porn Stars reading mean tweets about themselves, a la Jimmy Kimmel. 

And our Euro Rentboy of the Day yesterday had this great uptown/downtown quote that we couldn’t resist posting. 

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It’s another week - another chance to get to all the things we slacked off about last week.  Summer is coming to a close.  Everybody’s going back to school. What’s your calendar this week?

Pornstars Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves is the best thing has done in a minute.  Brava.  None of these guys have Rentboy ads at the moment, but  Dirk Caber, Jimmy Fanz and Paddy O’Brien have all performed at’s HustlaBall in the last two years.

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JD Phoenix Will Melt Your Heart/Tighten Your Pants

Our Rentboy of the Day today is Mr. JD Phoenix. We love everything this guy is about, and no 21 year old should look that good naked.  Check out our Rentboy Datasheet Interview with JD:

Name: JD Phoenix 

Height: 5’11”  Weight: 160  Age: 21

Birthday: August 4, 1993 (Leo)

Birthplace: West Sand Lake, NY

Ambitions: Become successful in what I love doing.

Turn-ons: Eating ass, sucking cock, man scent, kissing, self confidence.

Turn-offs: dirty (not in a good way), un-groomed, scat, insecure, bad hygiene.

A song that describes my life:I’m A Slave 4 U  by Britney Spears

Celebrity crush: 
Matthew Bomer

Someone I look up to and why: Joseph Rough because he is a very strong individual that challenges me in every day.

Dream home: Greece

Favorite color: Orange

Include your favorite #tbt pic:

Our In-Depth Interview with JD:

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