Seattle Rentboy Chris Wydeman Talks Body Image And Self Care at

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I have often wondered how incredibly successful escorts have dealt with their body image. I have struggled with trying to find a healthy balance between what I can maintain and what I can work towards. Looking through rentboy ads in New York or LA is maddening but sometimes I know I am attractive, I am a gainfully employed sex worker but is that knowledge ever good enough to sate our insecurities?

As I write this I have found a place next to the escalators at vendor mart for IML (international Mr Leather). As I watch this procession of seemly perfect bodies I can’t help but feel a little flabby. I am not sure I will ever be 190lb of pure muscle at 5’8 but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to look like a beefcake. I found myself sucking in my stomach or keeping my abs flexed while my shirt was off and I don’t like that allow myself to be that insecure.

Read his full essay here. 

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Rentboy Billy Santoro Giving Us His ‘Best’ in New Film


via: @DewittDaily /Manhunt Daily

For his latest, however, Dirk has achieved a task far greater than taking two dicks at the same time! With the magical powers of his raw sexuality, he’s somehow managed to make up for the travesty known as “Gay of Thrones” and help BillyGirl Bye” Santoro deliver one of the best scenes of his gay porn career. These two shine as a fake couple, almost surpassing the chemistry Dirk shared with his real-life partner Jesse Jackman in their various scenes for Titan Men. Their energy veers on the side of wild and animalistic, largely supported by Dirk’s consistently mischievous facial expressions.

Read the full write-up here and check out Billy on!

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ICYMI: Hot Summer Sidewalk Wrapup

A GLORIOUS weekend in New York City just passed, and if you missed any of the good stuff, catch yourself up here:

If you happen to be in Paris, FR soon, we fully recommend you check out Branco Borderline because wow. Just.  Honestly. Just click.  You’ll see. 

The newsletter came out and there is all kinda funness to be had: It was @killianjames’ birthday this weekend, @dominicford made some on point summer vids, Dakota Wolfe was in them, etc etc etc. 

This happened. 

And @trentonducati posted this ridiculously awesome Madonna impresh and we made you a side-by-side so you can choose your fav. 

It’s gonna be a great week at  Are you guys ready?

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Jul 18 Newsletter - Island Fever: DAKOTA WOLFE & Rentboys in the Sand

July 18 It’s mid-summer and all the rentboys are headed to the water, from Baker Beach to Lake Michigan, Fire Island, Riis Park, Brighton Beach, and Ibiza. Our favorite on-theme porn of the season is's Fire Island series. Dakota Wolf (above) is based in Philadelphia, Pa. You can watch Dakota in Island Staff House. Also check out Duncan Black and Trenton Ducati in Meat Rack, all shot beautifully on Fire Island. P.S. Happy Birthday to Killian James, celebrating in The Pines this weekend. See below for this week’s highlights…

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World Cup ‘Rent boy’ Homophobia?

via pinknews:

Football chants dubbed homophobic by some were widely reported at this summer’s World Cup, but similar chants have been heard in the UK for decades without attracting any attention.

At this summer’s World Cup, chants of “puto” (male prostitute) rung out, mainly from fans of Brazil and Mexico. FIFA have let the chants go unpunished and were criticised for their leniency by LGBT rights groups who called the chants homophobic.

A very similar chant, however, has been common in the Premier League for decades without attracting the same media attention.

The “Chelsea rent boys” song is rumored to have originated in the 1980s after newspapers reported that, in a dawn raid by police, a Chelsea hooligan was found in bed with a male prostitute (known in Britain as a “rent boy”).

Read the entire article here.


What do you think? Do you find it offensive when ‘rent boy’ is used as a slur? What terms do you prefer? 

Interview with NUBIUS in Boston


Rentboy Spotlight: Interview with rentboy NUBIUS, a NextDoorEbony star based in Boston, Massachusetts

(Q) How was your trip to Toronto Pride in June? 

 It’s was good! A long trip to get there! I took the bus which took 13+ plus hours. I was up there helping out Ryan Russell, another pornstar with some promotion work for three companies:  NakedSwordSpa Excess, a local bathhouse & FleshJack. Toronto’s world pride was a huge gathering with so many parties! 

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